Unusual Retreats (UR) act entirely as Booking Agents for the owners of all the properties offered and contracts accepted by UR shall be between the person signing the booking form (The Applicant) and the owner of the property (The Owner) whose name and contact details are shown on UR’s booking confirmation.

Reservations are accepted by UR on behalf of The Owners only on the conditions shown on the Booking Form together with the following Booking Conditions. The Booking Conditions, current Brochure and Booking Form shall prevail over any terms and conditions of the Applicant made or customary practice or previous course of dealing.

1. General Conditions

The Applicant is responsible for the property and ensuring that members of the party observe all aspects of the Booking Conditions.

The Brochure clearly indicates the maximum number of people permitted to occupy it and exceeding this number constitutes a breach of contract and the booking may be terminated and all monies paid forfeited. Only the persons named on the Booking Form are allowed to occupy the property.

The property is available from 4pm on the arrival date until 10:30am on the departure date; The Applicant agrees to strictly adhere to these times unless agreed otherwise with The Owner; and accepts that he/she will be held liable for any costs incurred through any delayed departure.

The Brochure and any advertising and verbal representations relating to the property are made in good faith and agreed with The Owner, neither they nor any oral representations made by any employee of UR form part of the contract. No warranty or representation is given as to the state of any property. The Owner has the right to change any decor, furnishings or fabrics shown on the photographs contained in the brochure. The Applicant accepts that it is up to him/her to check and have confirmed in writing that the property meets any specific requirements that he or she might have before making the booking. The Applicant agrees to inform UR in writing at the time of the booking, if anyone in the party is dependent upon a wheelchair or otherwise disabled, in order to ensure the suitability of the accommodation.

UR reserve the right to alter printed prices due to errors or omissions.

2. Pets

Where well-trained pets are allowed, The Applicant agrees to pay £25 per booking, and accepts full responsibility for any damage caused and agrees not to leave it/them unattended in the property or its gardens and to keep it/them under control at all times, and to provide suitable bedding and towels for it/them; and not to allow it/them into bedrooms or bath/shower rooms; and to use any throws provided by The Owner to protect the soft furnishings for future guests. Any Applicant who takes a pet into a property without permission or without notifying UR in writing or on the Booking Form will be in breach of contract and The Owner will have the right to terminate the booking forthwith and retain all the monies paid by The Applicant.

3. Liability

All the members of the party accept that the house and any amenities provided are used at their own risk and no responsibility can be accepted for any injuries or inconvenience to persons or loss or damage to any belongings of persons who use them except where caused by the negligence of The Owner. UR will not be liable for any act, neglect or default on the part of The Owner or any other person, nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience whether to person or property which The Applicant or any member of his or her party may suffer arising out of or in connection with the holiday or resulting from any other cause whatsoever, including any activities as may be publicised in the brochure. Save insofar as death or personal injury to The Applicant or any member of his/her party resulting from UR’s negligence. English law and jurisdiction to apply.

If the property should not be available due to fire, storm or flood or other reason out of control of The Owner or for any reason he/she is unable to comply with this agreement, he/she will refund to The Applicant through UR the full amount of monies paid to UR and the owner’s and UR’s liability is limited to the refunding of such monies.

4. Complaints

If there is cause for complaint, The Applicant agrees to take this up within 36 hours with The Owner or representative to give them an opportunity to resolve the situation. If The Applicant, having contacted The Owner or their representative, is still not satisfied, they should telephone UR to ask it to take such reasonable steps as it is able to in an endeavour to put the matter right. In the event that disputes cannot be resolved UR reserves the right to refer the matter to the relevant local Cornish Tourist Board or West Country Tourist Board representative whose decision shall be final and binding. Under no circumstances can compensation be agreed or paid for complaints made after the tenancy has ended. All complaints made during the holiday must be confirmed in writing to UR within 7 days of the last day of the holiday.

5. Payment

If the booking is made more than four weeks in advance, The Applicant agrees to pay the balance (including any extras) four weeks before the holiday is due to commence. If the final amount is not paid by the due date, The Applicant will be advised by recorded delivery. If after a further seven days the balance has still not been received, the holiday will be deemed cancelled, any monies paid will be forfeit and The Applicant will remain liable for the full amount of the final payment. Immediately attempts will be made to re-let the property for the period concerned. In the event of a re-letting, repayment will be made to The Applicant less any difference of the rental received and reasonable costs incurred.

Regretfully a charge of £10 must be made for cheques represented for clearance or where a cheque is ‘Referred to drawer’.

6. Cancellation & Curtailment

The rental charge includes cancellation and curtailment insurance to ensure that in the event of the party not being able to take up the pre-booked holiday due to certain defined causes (detailed below), all monies already paid less the sum of £20 will be returned and in the event of the party having to curtail their holiday due to the defined causes, the monies paid for the part of the holiday missed less £20 will be returned; all claims must be made in writing within 3 days of the occurrence of the event and be supported by documentary evidence which is satisfactory to the insurance company; no claim will be valid if any members of the party continue to occupy the property.

In the event of a cancellation not covered by the insurance, The Applicant will still remain liable for the full payment due and failure to pay this amount at the appropriate time will be treated as a breach of contract. However on receiving the cancellation, the period concerned will immediately be re-offered and in the event of a re-letting (which is very likely if sufficient notice is given) repayment will be made to The Applicant less any difference of the rental received and any costs incurred.

Cancellation & curtailment defined causes

a) death, injury, illness, pregnancy, childbirth (which must be confirmed by a registered medical practitioner) or compulsory quarantine of any guest or close relative, close business associate or fiance(e) of a guest; except cancellation or curtailment which is a result of: suicide or deliberate self injury, intoxicating liquor or drugs, pregnancy or childbirth except where the expected date of birth is at least two months after the holiday is due to end;

b) disorganisation of a public travel service due to actual or intended strike action;

c) a guest being required:

i) to undertake jury service, provided that a written request for an alternative date has been refused;

ii) to attend, under subpoena, as a witness at a court of law;

iii) by the police after a fire or theft at their private dwelling or place of work;

d) a guest’s private dwelling being made uninhabitable by damage which occurs within fourteen days of the planned departure date or during the holiday to which the booking relates;

e) cancellation of leave by HM Armed Forces or a Police Authority because of national emergency;

f) a guest receiving a redundancy which qualifies for statutory payment;

g) unforeseen occupational posting outside the Territorial Limits.